Hypnosis Explained

Are you feeling stuck? Like you have tried everything? Know things need to change but not sure how to get there?

You may have heard that hypnosis renders people completely unconscious, cluck like a chicken, or change their personality entirely.

You will likely have experienced hypnosis as entertainment… whereas Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic approach that utilises hypnosis.

It is evidence based, shown to aid relaxation and help people make real changes in their lives.

Can you be hypnotised?

Hypnosis is a natural state and you will be familiar with this if you drive, watch television or have been for a run or read. It is like daydreaming. You have full control and are able to put the brakes on or turn the volume down whenever you chose.

It allows your conscious and analytical mind to work with your subconscious. Which means you are able to become receptive, highly creative and open to new ideas. This allows the therapeutic discussion of the session to have a powerful impact on issues such as stress & anxiety.

Often people look into hypnosis after they have tried other approaches. My mission is to help change the perception of this method, as well as raise awareness of the fantastic results it can create!

What goals would you like to achieve, easily and naturally?

Please send a message if you want to find out more, you can book a free 10-minute call or book a free one-hour consultation.

Let’s get you unstuck.

My Best Wishes,

Lauren Ann

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