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Many happy therapy clients.

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laura sorrie
Had hypnotherapy today with Lauren, absolutely amazing. Would 100% recommend, will be back 🙂
Jude Nowell
Lauren is so kind, gentle, supportive and reassuring. I had 6 sessions of solution focused hypnotherapy and I am so pleased with the results. I feel my mindset has changed and I feel more confident to tackle future uncertainties as well as the situations I originally wanted help with! Thank you so much. I highly recommend.
Love working with Lauren! Her sessions give me the perfect sense of calm and help me to disconnect from a busy work week 🙂
Claudia Cahalane
I have known Lauren quite a few years and her commitment to knowledge of the human psyche is awesome. You can feel all of this at play when you have a session with her. She is practised at becoming attuned to clients and working out what's best for you and delivering the calm and relaxation needed (I had a relaxation session). Afterwards I felt comforted, chilled and rested. I really appreciate the time she takes to work out how you tick and what's best for you.
loom zoom
Found this experience wonderfully relaxing and left stress free, Lauren was very professional and made you relaxed from the start to finish, highly recommended
James Stonehewer
Laura is very friendly and easy to talk to. Her positive attitude helped me to ease into the meditation comfortably. I left the session feeling much more relaxed and positive.
Alice Martin
Lauren is very kind and empathetic and tailored the relaxation hypnotherapy to suit my personal needs such as bruxism and social anxiety. She has a lovely calming voice which sent me in and out of consciousness, I was worried I'd missed some of the session but she assured me my subconscious would still be listening while I was half asleep. I felt so relaxed afterwards, my jaw felt really relaxed and I had nice positive dreams after following up the session with the audio she sent me to listen to before bed. It included lots of calming imagery such as nature scenes which I loved. Highly recommend!!
Taru Hellman
I had so relaxing and soothing session with Lauren. She was kind and warm and I felt relaxed with her since the beginning. The actual hypnosis was amazing, I went deep to complete relaxation and dreamy state. The hypnosis gave me a complete feeling of safety and peace, and it reminded me that in this life everything is in my own hands. After the hypnosis I felt relaxed but also motivated, full of trust to my own self.
Guy Chetwynd-Appleton
Lauren has really helped me - I have got a lot of my zest for life back. The strategies she taught me have helped me reframe my thought processes and conquer the ‘negative-thought goblins’. She’s fab!