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Ripple on water | Help for Anxiety and Imposter Syndrome

Anxiety, Stress & Sleep

Mind just won’t switch off? Struggling with sleep?

We need to be able to react if there is danger i.e., run away, hide or even fight. So, it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you, if you are experiencing symptoms such as Anxiety, stress or worry. It’s normal to feel this way sometimes, it is adaptive if there is real danger.

But you do not want to be reactive in this way all of the time, as it gets in the way of living your life!

Yes, your situation may be unique to you, but why is it that other people who have gone through something similar may be able to cope?

They are likely able to reframe their situation. Instead of saying “something bad always happens to me”, they will say, “this has happened, what can I learn from it and how can I change it?”. This mindset often takes practice to achieve, due to the way our brains are hardwired. You may have heard that saying, “you must learn a new way to think, before you can master a new way to be”

Hypnotherapy is an incredibly powerful tool, if you want to stop worrying and start living. Are you ready to master your new way to be?

Person floating with a balloon | Help to Heal from Past Trauma

Body Confidence & Weight Management

Would you like to feel good in your own skin?

When we feel happier, we generally make better choices. In becoming confident with who you are, taking control over your life, such as diet and exercise – weight loss naturally follows.

Unlike ‘fads’ or diets, hypnotherapy can help you to create lasting changes, which are realistic for you, whilst you live your best life!

Hand holding a lightbulb | Hynotherapy to Overcome Social

Performance eg. Interviews / Presentations / Sports

Do you want to be able to speak your truth? Be more assertive? Speak with confidence?

Many famous athletes have used hypnosis to improve their performance, including Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryan and Tiger Woods! It worked for them and it can work for you too! This can be used for a specific issue i.e. an upcoming interview, a golf tournament or can be more general such as ‘performance anxiety’.

Please see Happy clients for more details of clients I have helped achieve “life changing” results!

Person biting finger nails | Feeling in Control of Emotions with Hynotherapy

Unwanted Habits eg. Nail Biting

Do you bite your lip? Pick at your skin?

Many people report that this is embarrassing and causes them to hide their hands, it may even impact their ability to socialise.

Hypnotherapy is recommended by the National Health Service in the UK, for changing habits.

I use specific techniques which are targeted at replacing your habit for something better, something you would much rather be doing instead! Hopefully you have a lovely image of what that may be…. keep that in your mind….do you want to take the first step in making this preferred image your reality? Please just get in touch!

Writing in the sand 'yes you can' | How to stop Procrastinating and Overthinking

Low Motivation / Procrastination

Do you feel like you don’t ever have enough time, yet nothing gets done? Are you lacking motivation or direction?

Clients I have worked with to date, have completed tasks they have been putting off for over 18 months – within the first 2 sessions!

Overcome Fears and Phobias

Is fear holding you back?

According to the National Health Service within the UK, an estimated 10 MILLION people have phobias & anyone can be affected.

It might be that you have anxiety whenever thinking about your phobia. It might be that it has a large impact on your life, meaning you cannot do everything that you want to do…

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can treat your phobia in just 4 sessions. First, by reducing your overall stress levels, then working through your phobia and reframing this, in a way that is very much tailored to you.

We can also reframe situations that have been impacted by past Trauma, such as not being able to travel on a train. Clientele that I have worked with who struggled with Social Anxiety and Agoraphobia (fear of going out), made INCREDIBLE progress in just 7 sessions.

Person standing in the sunshine | Help to Release Trauma from the Past
Jigsaw pieces | Hypnotherapy for Confidence in Job Interviews and Presentations


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Flowers | Treatment for Sleep and Insomnia


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