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Treatments that work.

I was slightly dubious about working online through Zoom, but it honestly didn’t seen to make any difference. From the outset I felt connected to Lauren and it was as if she was there in person. There was also the benefit of not having to travel, so it was easier for me to find the time to attend the sessions regularly. I could even have sessions during my lunchbreak from work”
Quality Control Manager
Flowers | Treatment for Sleep and Insomnia

“Cope, Live & Grow”

Block of 12 x 1 hour sessions 

This program may be for you, if you are struggling with Sleep, Low Motivation or Trauma.

“I was experiencing trouble winding down at night time and therefore having a disruptive sleep pattern. Lauren kindly sent me a relaxation audio to try and help me. I first actually settled down to listen to the audio one afternoon. Wow did I relax ... I felt like I was floating. I have since used it before going to bed several times and I can definitely say my sleep pattern has improved. Thank you, Lauren, you are a star.”

Karen Guinea Pig Fosterer!

"I wanted to work on some personal issues that were impacting my life. I feel that the sessions really helped me to tackle these issues, that felt really difficult. They gave me the confidence and tools to feel better able to approach them in a way that felt manageable and positive”

Anonymous 37

“I just wanted to acknowledge that this is a complete 180 from 3 months ago, it has made a huge difference and changed my life! I was saying to a friend the other day I feel like I am in that post breakup swing, but what I am really breaking up from is Depression! New Tattoo, new hair, booked a holiday, going out more, it’s comeback season baby! I have just driven home after a spin class, I went to the gym yesterday after a super busy day at work, made a proper meal and I wanted all of the vegetables! I have been social, gone to gigs again, everything is great – thank you!”

Ami Management Accountant
Persons silouhette while jumping | Hynotherapy for help with Relationships

“Be More You”

Block of 6 x 1-hour sessions

This program is aimed at Confidence Building, such as with Performance and Procrastination. Also useful for assistance with Unwanted Habits!

“I very much enjoyed and benefitted from hypnotherapy sessions with Lauren. Her uplifting approach helped me to work on my goals - thank you Lauren for every single session we had together! If you are looking for hypnotherapy, don't hesitate, just book in with Lauren! You won't be disappointed”

Lucy Child Therapist

“I had some sessions with Lauren around public speaking, being a therapist myself I wanted to feel really confident when speaking in front of groups of people without fear of blushing. The sessions were very powerful and Lauren supported and guided me every step of the way, under trance I had an incredible visualisation of shedding my old skin and emerging as the confident, calm, and in control motivational speaker that I wanted to be. I gave a talk the next day and couldn't believe how well it went and how good I felt, I would say it was life changing. Thank you so much Lauren.”

Lara Therapist
Person mountain climbing | Overcome fear with Hypnotherapy

"Becoming Fearless"

3 x 1 hour sessions for specific phobia

Used for fear of Flying, Spiders, Dogs, Horses, Needles, The Dentist and much more!

“I wanted to feel comfortable around dogs, especially if they approached me! I definitely feel calmer now and not taking so much notice of them. I would definitely recommend Lauren, as she is friendly, calming and professional! And I genuinely felt she wanted to help me.”

Jackie Data Entry Clerk

“Everything was good! I Touched a chihuahua, it felt fluffy and felt good!... On the way to school I saw a small fluffy white one [dog] not on a lead, I felt good because I knew I was safe”

Swith Aged 10 - Treatment for Dog Phobia
Wooden walkway in a field | Hynotherapy Online Sessions

Stress Management / Relaxation Single Sessions

Tailored Programme

I can help guide you through your own relaxation journey, using specially designed language, visualisation and sounds – to take you wherever you need to go.

Relaxation is evidenced to reduce Stress & Anxiety, which can also reduce many Physical Ailments as well as Aid Sleep, Emotional Regulation & Decision Making.

May be booked as a group or for corporate settings, please enquire for further details and a tailored program.

“I had a 45 minute relaxation session with Lauren. She immediately made me feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease throughout. She talked me through the process step by step as it was my first time having hypnotherapy and I couldn’t recommend her enough! The session left me feeling extremely relaxed and stress free! I highly recommend Lauren!!”

Debbie Stroke Nurse Specialist / Mum of 2 under 3!

“I was lucky enough to have a relaxation session with Lauren. I was made to feel at ease by her professional and calm manner. With her soothing voice and words I was able to switch off from the business of everyday life and completely relax my body and mind. I can highly recommend Lauren and I look forward to my next session. Thank you!”

Emma Palliative Care Nurse

“I had such a lovely relaxation session with Lauren, her voice is so calming and I really felt at peace during it. All of the stress I was feeling at the time, really lifted. I would 100% recommend Lauren’s services to anyone; thank you again!” –

Amy Staff Nurse