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Solution Focused Hypnotherapy uses a tailored combination of the above, helping you to move forwards, using your own resources.


This approach focuses on your strengths and taking small steps towards your desired future using a present and future orientated approach.

We have the benefit of evidence-based and neuroscience research supporting this method, as well as solidifying therapeutic discussion whilst you are in a relaxed state and more open to suggestions.

Sessions combine talking therapy with hypnosis, to powerfully solidify your conscious discussion.

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The goals of person-centred therapy are:

  • To facilitate trust and your ability to be in the present moment. This allows you to be honest in the process without feeling judged by the therapist.
  • To promote your self-awareness and self-esteem.
  • To empower you to change.
  • To encourage congruence (agreement) in your behaviour and feelings.
  • To help you to gain the ability to manage your life and reach your full potential
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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Upon the basis that thoughts and behaviour influence our feelings and emotions, comes the cognitive behavioural approach. This suggests that any age-appropriate skill can be taught by

  1. clear identification / target setting
  2. breaking down the task into simple achievable steps
  3. allowing performance of each step with praise and reinforcement of correct actions
  4. adjust each step until the final goal is achieved.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is concerned with recognition of distorted thinking and then replacing this with more realistic ideas. By bringing the previously negative thoughts to our conscious awareness, we challenge these and create positive neural connections and take control of unwanted symptoms.

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Solution-based Brief Therapy

The ‘problem’ in itself need not be discussed, if we assume that your own story and language describes your reality, without bias from the therapist. Working on the premise that you have propensity for change and utilising the information you bring to the session, this approach works towards you creating your own satisfactory life. This approach works quickly, whereas other approaches may take several months or even years; the main body of the therapy tends to take weeks / short months.

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Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)

This approach prioritises good rapport, as well as recognising distortions and generalisations in thinking. The aim is to be specific with language used – consciously and unconsciously. It presupposes that you as the client have all you need to be successful.

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